Tanacas has a production line focused on the automation and cathodic protection markets that was developed through years by its Engineering and Development sector, seeking to offer solutions in size, quality and reliability in results.


The current production line focused in automation includes Digital Counter, Power Supplies, Digital Hour Meter, Electromechanical hour meter, Analog  Indicator, Galvanic Isolator, current shunt, Galvanic Isolation Transducer  and Current Transformer.


The product line focused on cathodic protection, developed after years of studies and consultations with Oil and Gas technicians, includes GPS Synchronized Interrupter, Potential Recorder and Reference Electrode.


To better serve our clients, besides the automation services and calibration services, Tanacas keeps the engineering and development sector to new clients solicitations, being able to develop products dedicated to your activity, under technical solicitation. To this case, learn more through our contact.